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Hello all! Today I want to talk about my current favorite app on my phone. The app is called Want Need Love or Wanelo for short. It is free in the app store. This app used to be extremely popular when I was a sophomore in high school; I am currently in the middle of my senior year. This app is very similar to Pinterest except if you see an item you like, it takes you directly to the link where you can purchase it. You make your own profile and create categories that you can save items to. Wanelo also has a really cool feature where it recognizes items you save, and then creates a list of similar items on a page titled ‘Magic’. On this app I have created a collection based around dorm inspiration and it is so helpful in finding items that match with my theme. I was able to search on the app specific colors and items that I was looking for to add to my dorm room category. Below is a screenshot from my dorm room category. I will be posting more on my dorm inspiration in the future. On my page I also have a clothing, shoe, gift, and items I love category. If you would like to follow me on Wanelo my user name is @missjessx. Thanks for reading!

XO Jessie