Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing from the blogging world, school and work have been taking over my life lately. I figured I’d take this time to catch you all up on what’s been going on.

About two months ago I quit my job at a pizza shop and started working at Stride Rite. This was one of the best decisions I could’ve made. From working at Stride Rite I’ve learned so much from sizing kids feet, to finding stock in the back, to setting up displays, and most importantly using the register. Every day I am learning new things from my boss and co-workers. It has been an amazing experience so far and an especially great job to be able to add to my resume.

Also, Christmas and Hanukkah have passed! Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating with your loved ones. My family keeps the same traditions every year. We light the menorah on each night of Hanukkah and my parents give my sister and I a little gift each night like nail polish or tights. On Christmas day my family gets together early in the morning for a brunch filled with bagels and lox and then we all exchange gifts. This year I made everyone fleece pj pants and they were a huge hit. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a tutorial on how to make them.

Below is the outfit I wore on Christmas day. Not gonna lie, soon after eating brunch and taking these pictures I changed into my new pjs. In my eyes Christmas is a day of comfort, not class.  If I were to have gone out on Christmas Eve to a party this totally would have been the outfit I wore. This skirt was also made by myself so leave a comment if you’d like to see a tutorial on this skirt. Thanks for all the constant love and support. I’m so proud of how far my blog has come in such a short period of time. Happy Holidays everyone and Happy New Year!

XO Jessie

Christmas2 Christmas 4 Christmas3 Christmas Christmas 5                                     Photos taken by Alison Grossman

Top: Topshop
Heels: Call It Spring