Hi everyone! So today I want to take a break from fashion to discuss the biggest stress in my life, and all other kids my age lives: college. Before starting senior year I thought applying to college would be easy; writing an essay, sending it in, then waiting for your ‘congratulations you got in’ to come in the mail. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday I sent in my application to the Fashion Institute of Technology, my dream school. I spent almost every day since September 2nd working on my essay. After sending it in, I am even more stressed than I was writing it. There are so many questions running circles through my head. What will happen if my future doesn’t work out the way I want it to, the way I have planned for it to be? I wonder if we are too young to be planning our futures. Why you are placed in highschool because of your location but raffled off for college based on your gpa, SAT, and 500 words. How can someone decide where you belong based on 500 words and a set of numbers? How can those numbers possibly represent your struggles and improvements? And then what happens the day you go off to college and have to grow up?

It’s not easy and it’s in no way fun, but the part that keeps me going is knowing that in the end of all this I’ll be one step closer to my future.. whatever that may be.

XO Jessie