Now that fashion week is over, many stores are starting to come out with clothing showing the newest trends. If you want these trends first and fast, Mavy Savvy is the store for you. If you are in Miami you can go into the store, but if you are in New York like me, the website is just as great! It’s an easy sight to use and to find exactly what you need and are looking for.

What I find really interesting about this website is that there are very few of each piece of clothing. There are about 4 of each size. It makes every item more original nd you won’t see someone walking down the street wearing the same outfit as you. The clothing does go really fast though, so if you see something you want, pick it up right away!

My favorite part about Mavy Savvy are the prices. Most of the items are 30$ or less and they are constantly having sales. Being in high school, I am very cost conscious and want to help out my fellow shoppers as much as I can!

Below are my favorite pieces from the sight. Stay tuned to see how I style each item because I will most deffinately be purchasing them!

Scarf TopSkirt EarringsHandbag 1Handbag 2
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