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I have learned one thing today… You can’t be good at everything. Sometimes, like in my case, creativity can’t be transfered from fashion to cooking. I’ve always been “cooking challenged” but today clinched it. I started off the day almost setting my house on fire by burning popcorn in the microwave. Then I decided to bake Reeses cookies from scratch; the plan was to do a blog post on the recipe. That didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. The process of putting all the ingredients together went pretty smooth although I did make a huge mess. Deciding how big to make the cookies is where I went wrong. I guess bigger is not always better. The cookies came out about the size of my hand and burnt. Along with that, cookie dough splattered the bottom of the oven making the entire kitchen smell, but not that yummy fresh baked cookie kind of smell, more like something’s caught on fire kind of smell. I come out of this fight: Jessie 0, Kitchen 2. Some people should just stay in the closet.

XO Jessie