Hi everyone! If you did not know, I am currently takeing pre-college classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Although I spend every day in the city, I haven’t had a chance to roam around and explore with my friends as much as I’d like to. I’m from the suburbs of New York and luckily was able to go to the city a lot when I was younger. The city for me was Times Square, that’s all I knew. Now that I’m older I want to explore all this amazing city has to offer.

For one of my classes we had an assignment on trends. We were given the option of taking pictures of windows or going the street style route (very Bill Cunningham esc). I chose the street style option because it seemed more interesting to me. With my camera in my hand, and my best friend at my side, we took to the streets of Soho! As I was taking pictures for my project we were exploring around the area and boy, Soho is absolutely beautiful. We also ventured off into Chinatown and down canal street which were both on our list of places we had to see atleast once.

Below are some of my favorite pictures I took of the streets as well as a quick outfit picture. Comment below your favorite spot in the city!

XO Jessie

Tee: Forever 21
Skort: Local boutique
Flannel: Gap mens
Sandals: Target
Cross Body: H&M