Everyone has their own style, but there are many trends people are following for this fall. One trend I’ve been seeing a lot of is leather. Leather is perfect because you can wear it in so many different ways. Whether it’s a skirt, jacket, pants, or even your boots it’s very easy to rock this trend! You can also experiment with different shades and colors of leather. Another trend that’s just starting to come out of the closet is fur. Fur is not only great for keeping warm, but it can really dress up your outfit and give it character. Like leather, there are many different styles and shades of fur. One of my favorite ways to wear a fur vest is with a baggy sweater and jeans. The fur gives your comfy look some pizzaz! My favorite trend for fall and also winter would have to be tights. Tights are perfect because they let you wear your summer and spring clothes in the fall. They keep your legs super warm while transitioning your clothes into fall. One secret I have is to wear them under my jeans when it gets really cold outside. Tights are definitely my addiction, but not a bad addiction at all!